Installation Dance 2014

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    Photos from previous Installation of Officers Dances                                

    Board of Directors

    Diane Schiavo

    Enza Rosa

    Caterina D'Aversa

    Susan Minicucci

    Joan Santucci

    President MaryJo Testa-Zezima

    Vice President Diane Zappone

    Treasurer Christina Zappone

    Co-Treasurer Lucy Verdura

    Secretary Jean D'Aversa

    Co-Secretary Lisa Luis

    The 2014 Officers 

    Our History & Mission
    In April of 1988 a group of women who shared the desire to honor and preserve their Cercemaggiore heritage, joined together and established the Women's  Auxiliary of the Cercemaggiore Community Club.  Their goal is to extend encouragement and support to the mens club who adhere to the vision of preserving the legacy of their precious heritage. Since then, we have steadily been increasing in number and have been involved in many social
    activities, fund raisers and community functions. We look to the future with excitement and pride, recognizing that
    if we stand united we can carry on our most valuable customs and traditions. We can then feel secure in the understanding that our children will be able to share a valuable part of their Cercemaggiore ancestry.

    The Cercemaggiore Community Club

    Women's Auxiliary Website